Meet Maureen

CEO/Founder of virya-life

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.)/Certified Personal Trainer, Meditation Coach, Soul Coach, Breathwork Facilitator

Maureen has worked in the wellness industry for over 25 years in various capacities. Her simple approach to self-care focuses on prevention in both the external and internal life. Busy professionals want a program that gives them control over their own health by making choices that fit into their lifestyle. Holistic health is proactive and preventative. It acknowledges the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

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Incorporating small, healthy, habits into an employee's day can make a difference in their overall physical, mental, and spiritual health in the office and at home.

Increase EMPLOYEE Engagement

Employees who feel healthy both at work and at home are more likely to be engaged at work. The outcome is having individuals stay longer and reduce the turnover in staff.

Increase Employee Morale

When a company values their employees, through a workplace well-being program, employees feel appreciated. They see themselves as a person first and an employee second.

“Maureen helped me find my own self-motivation. I appreciated her reflecting on all of my past accomplishments and helping me make ‘ah-ha’ realizations, like nutrition impacts all other aspects of my health and well being. I really appreciate all that you have done. Thank you for thinking of me as a whole person, your encouragement and your patience.”

~Monica F, Toronto

My Story

Hi, I'm Maureen Hutchison

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Personal Trainer, Meditation Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and a Soul Coach.

These are simply just titles.

The real me is a woman who is happily married, adopts dogs, grows her own food, and lives a soul-guided life.

I have dabbled in many different professions over the years but I've always come back to the wellness industry to help others achieve their health goals.

I guess you could say that my soul's purpose is to help busy professionals find their way on their wellness journey using simple and time-saving tips.

With their being so much information to decipher through on the internet, my simplistic approach to achieving wholeness is practical for anyone who chooses their own wellness path.

No two individuals are alike so why do we follow a wellness path that's not suited for our mind, body, and soul?

It's time for busy professionals to take back their health and decide what is best for them.

Let me help you design your wellness journey!

My Story

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